Daycare Rates

Multi-Pet Daycare Discounts

Dogs from the same family sharing a daycare suite during their visit qualify for
multi-pet discounts. A suite can comfortably accommodate up to three dogs.

  • Half Day

  • Full Day

  • Additional Pet Half Day

  • Additional Pet Full Day


Pre-Paid Daycare Packs

  • Half Day—5 Visit Pack (1 dog)

  • Half Day—5 Visit Pack (2 dogs)

  • Full Day—5 Visit Pack (1 dog)

  • Full Day—5 Visit Pack (2 dogs)


Multi-pet discount ONLY applies to pets from the same family sharing one suite during their daycare visit.

Dogs are split into playgroups based on size, age and demeanor. Our highly trained and experienced staff supervises all playtime.

Other Services


Onsite veterinary medicine to partner in your pet's wellness. Coming Soon.


Premium suites and uber comfortable accommodations for your pampered pup.


From bubbly baths to pretty paw-dicures, we’re here for your dog’s ultimate spa day.